Weekly Astrology Forecast for May 28-June 3, 2023* — Fun in the Sun!

Eclectic Occultista
5 min readMay 27

Hey star-gazers! Hang onto your beach balls for an action-packed June! Here are a few highlights before we tackle the energies of the week.

Mercury zips through Gemini between June 11–27. Expect flooded inboxes, packed social calendars and high-octane networking potential. Trines to Pluto and Saturn on June 9 and 30 are great for concentrated mental work, while the June 25 square to Neptune should have you hitting the beach since you won’t get much done with your head in the clouds.

Venus enters its pre-retrograde shadow on June 19, so hold off calling that surfer you met on the boardwalk. With the Alchelmical Goddess’ entry into fiery Leo on June 5, expect creative self-expression and pleasure to take centre stage. Her trine to Neptune on June 2 has weekend spa retreat written all over it, with relaxation and meditation a perfect pairing for this luxurious aspect. Watch the opposition to Pluto on June 5 for anyone who might be trying to steal your power.

Consider Mars the lion that sleeps in Leo this month, only waking up to roar on June 26. The square to Uranus holds explosive potential, so take all necessary precautions!

The June 3 Sagittarius Full Moon and June 18 Gemini New Moon promise to be lovely lunations that will have us thinking about expanded horizons and new ways of communicating our ideas.

Saturn and Neptune turn retrograde on June 17 and June 30 respectively — topics in our life under the auspices of the fishes will get a reality check — while Pluto moonwalks back into Capricorn on June 11 causing cardinal placements to clutch their sunscreen.

Ultimately, there’s a lot to enjoy this month, so make the most of what the sweet aspects have to offer!

Let’s dig into the week ahead.

The last days of May have one slightly crunchy transit, namely the Sun-Saturn square.

With the Sun in Gemini, we’re in a fairly heightened place of intellectual vibration, trying to take in as much information as we can, think fast on our feet, and network our way into new situations that help advance our ambitions. But Saturn in Pisces has other plans — he’s the nay-sayer, the lead weight and the party pooper.

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