Weekly Astrology Forecast for May 21–27, 2023* — Feel the Burn!

Eclectic Occultista
5 min readMay 20, 2023

Hey star-gazers! Welcome to the penultimate week of May —it boggles my mind how fast this year is passing!

I thought I’d share my most recent purchase — a copy of The Orphic Hymns. Likely penned around the third-century CE, this text contains devotionals to a veritable Who’s Who of the Greek pantheon. If you haven’t come across them before, they’re essential reading for anyone interested in ancient Greek mysticism and religion. Personally, I think they’re a worthwhile investment for astrological enthusiasts, especially anyone dabbling in planetary remediation, or simply cultivating a more in-tune relationship with the major celestial energies moving through our lives.

You can access a free version on Archive.org (which I had been doing for a dog’s age), but as part of my ongoing efforts to work more consciously with the state of Mercury in my chart, the $11 expense seemed worth it.

With the Sun entering Gemini this week, I thought I’d offer up a few lines for anyone who might find themselves basking under Sol’s warm glow. If the magnificence of the golden orb strikes you as especially awe-inspiring, here are a few stanzas from Hymn VIII to inspire meditation:

Hear, golden Titan, whose eternal eye
With matchless sight illumines all the sky.
Native, unwearied in



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