Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 12–18, 2023* — Scorpio New Moon

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4 min readNov 11

The realities of Scorpio season may be hitting some of us especially hard. For me, friends and family are confronting the Big ‘C’ in ever increasing numbers. The downright frightening diagnoses seem to be a constant reminder of life’s precariousness. Each breath is a gift.

While the more weighty keywords associated with the eighth astrological sign give many of us pause, we cannot lose sight of the more positive connotations that this Martial-ruled constellation also embodies. Before we jump to the bleak significations of “death,” “loss,” and “decay,” we need to remind ourselves that astrology, despite its sometimes literal manifestations, is ultimately a metaphorical and symbolic language. Physical death is inescapable, but the more expressly psychological landscape often associated with Scorpio could be very well be the terrain on which the November 13 lunation plays out.

A sea of tea lights.

Monday’s Scorpio New Moon is the big astrological headliner of the week, eclipsing (no pun intended!) all other heavenly movements. For some of us, it could be a new lease on life, emphasizing the resilient qualities of fixed water, attuning us to our psychological needs and even, in some cases, our fight for survival.

The event chart for this lunation taking place at 4:27 AM EST has Libra rising — the sign of justice, balance, fairness, relationships, and communication. With benefic Venus powerfully domiciled and angular, there’s an element of good fortune to be had, even if the circumstances we’re currently confronting seem unusually bleak. Our resources, values and resilience are sure to be tested over the next two weeks, but the Lesser Benefic’s cosmic and karmic position could point to an ultimate return to equilibrium. Part of that could come from the “me first” energy that the lunation’s conjunction to Mars and Ceres seems to embody, begging us all to refocus on our own needs. If you’ve given too much of yourself to others, perhaps the consequences are coming home to roost?

This lunation also opposes wildcard Uranus in Taurus, which could rouse past ghosts and foreground issues we may have thought had been put to bed. For some of us, this could come in the form of perennial resistance: changes that we know we’ve had to make for a while but neglected…

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