Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 1–7, 2023* — Haste Makes Waste

Eclectic Occultista
5 min readSep 30

Finding clarity will be key as we cruise into the first full month of October. With major aspects and sign changes ahead for the star of Hermes, sorting out the balance of the year — our big dreams and immediate priorities— could help us win the race against time. Given that the weeks ahead will have us confronting not only the destabilizing energies of eclipse season, but also the arresting pauses of Mercury in its pre-retrograde shadow by the close of November, putting off key decisions could make the balance of the year trickier to navigate.

Sunday, October 1, sees a lovely, luxurious Taurus Moon rule the day. This is a lazy Sunday at its best, begging us to take it easy and even indulge. If you’ve been regimented about your workouts, your diet or other major lifestyle changes (potentially initiated under Mercury’s protracted two-way jaunt through Virgo), be prepared to fall off the wagon. And, why not? You deserve it! Just avoid fur flying at the brunch table as Mercury slips out of its inspiring trine to Uranus in cool Taurus and into a slightly shady inconjunct to retrograde Eris in more temperamental Aries. By bedtime things may be right as rain as Luna meets up with Jupiter, seeing us mull over the week ahead with a fresh perspective and more than a little optimism.

Monday, October 2 sees the confusing dance of Mercury opposing retrograde Neptune. A cryptic text or puzzling email could present a head-scratching moment, especially as we try to decipher what the other party was intending. While this isn’t likely to be nefarious, our desire for clarity might not be easily satisfied, though the Moon-Uranus conjunction could have us going with our gut feeling.

As a Venus-retrograde Eris trine perfects, it’s time to reflect on past relationships and anything that holds us back as a result. Morning Star Venus, emboldened from her recent leonine rebirth, should dig deep to find any courage she might have been lacking earlier this summer. Be warned, however, Tuesday’s Venus-retrograde Neptune quincunx could muddy the waters, so sit on any conclusions you might reach until later in the week.

While we sleep on Tuesday, October 3, Luna enters Gemini. Prepare for liftoff as the pace…

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