Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 15-21 — The Wisdom of Insecurity*

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5 min readOct 14

Eclipse season is rarely comfortable. Even if we emerge unscathed, the energetic profile and collective impacts can sometimes take a different kind of emotional toll. The contrapuntal soli-lunar relationship remains an underappreciated dance between light and darkness —between competing desires and borrowed light, concealing something deeper.

“When we fail to see that our life is change,” wrote Alan Watts over seventy years ago, “We set ourselves against ourselves and become like Ouroboros, the misguided snake, who tries to eat his own tail. Ouroboros is the perennial symbol of all vicious cycles, of every attempt to split our being asunder and make one part conquer the other.”

The astrology of the next few years will hit us differently. As the outer planets change signs in rapid succession, we will all be thrust into the whirlwind of paradigm shifts bigger than we can possibly imagine. “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,” wrote Watts. “Move with it, and join in the dance.”

This week may be all about recovery — recovery from the profoundly draining energetic vortex of the eclipse, as well as recovery from the illusions of security that we may have been harbouring. If all does not feel fine in your world, embrace the discordance. Accept that this may be more typical now than ever before. Ask insecurity to be your tango partner.

Even if we feel fragile, Sunday’s Scorpio Moon is sure to shore us up. Upon entering fixed water, Luna conjoins with Mars, lending us unwavering belief that we can overcome any challenge. This is the reminder to recover “instinctual wisdom” — the type of wisdom that, in Watts’ words, we have allowed to “slump into atropy.” We don’t trust ourselves, we don’t trust others, we overthink and under-feel. Luna in Scorpio conjunct Mars may help us revive our most primal senses.

The quincunx between the Sun and Uranus perfecting around 3:30 PM EDT may have us struggling for an energetic reboot, especially as the Sun continues to approach a stationing South Node. The lingering effects of the eclipse may have muddied the waters, simultaneously laying bare the necessity for a new direction, without perhaps the clarity needed to commit to it. This, coupled with a

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