Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 22–28, 2023* — Spooky Scorpio Season!

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6 min readOct 21

We’ve all spent the last several weeks living inside our heads. What specifically may have taken up valuable mental real estate differed for all of us, but with Mercury and the Sun in less-than-certain Libra, weighing options and balancing opinions may have left us feeling exhausted.

“Equivocation” isn’t a term that’s often tagged to judicious, fair and truth-seeking Libra — a sign that prides itself on its relentless pursuit for peace and equity. However, with Venus in scrutinizing Virgo, our ability to act and speak with clarity may have been impaired by relentless over-analysis.

Mercury hasn’t had much help. Despite the weakest form of mutual reception it shared with Mighty Aphrodite, clarity of thought and speech was likely muddled as we tried to make sense of how to get what we want without upsetting the apple cart. Thankfully, as Mercury and Sol both slide into Scorpio, we’ll be forced to trade the ambiguity of mental air for greater emotional awareness. Driven by instinct and our deepest desires, these next few weeks will also highlight where we feel like outsiders looking in on the lives we want. As the Scorpionic energies call for transformation, mirrored in the world around us by falling leaves and the withering of flowers, we need to heed our own internal seasons. This is the beginning of our long winter, hunkering down for the next several months as we get a grip on everything that we feel like we’re losing hold of. With Mars in its position of greatest zodiacal strength, we’ll be able to apply strategy to our decision-making; courage and boldness will ultimately prevail in the face of uncertainty.

A dark blue night sky with a black landscape. The constellation of Scorpio appears in the sky, outlined by a scorpion.

Sunday’s benevolent Aquarius Moon and the separating Venus-Jupiter trine will tamp down errant flames that flared last week. As Venus assimilates the flash of compassionate wisdom gained from her heavenly rendezvous with Jupiter, her gaze may be cast inward as we reflect on the damaging effects of our sometimes-ceaseless search for perfection.

While there may be deliberate overtures towards peace-making, Mercury’s entry into Scorpio brings a welcome trine to Saturn, helping us gain further perspective on our current situation. Though the Scorpionic energy may have us heeding emotional impulses, a strongly domiciled…

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