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5 min readOct 28

Fixed-sign ascendants ought to steady themselves for the ongoing provocation that the week ahead brings. As the aftershocks of Saturday’s lunar eclipse spill into the days ahead, the tensions between inner knowing and external desire continue to rage.

For many of us, questions surrounding stability and security have been thrown asunder in recent years. From the trials of the pandemic to the pocketbook pilfering of unprecedented inflation, a larger collective storyline has shaped our microcosmic anxieties. Questions around purpose and authenticity have likely swirled against a backdrop of pared-down practicality: how much do we really need to be happy?

Some signs may have weathered these quasi-existential crises better than others. Writ large, both cardinal and fixed signs have likely experienced the cosmic vicissitudes of Pluto in Capricorn and eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio more harshly than our mutable compatriots. If there’s one take-away for both these signs, it’s that self-care reigns supreme, while introspection demands cautious maneuvering lest peering behind the curtain plunges us into unfathomable interior darkness.

As the week wears on, we may get a reprieve from the planetary energies that have been pushing so many of us towards introspection and revision. The cosmic bringer of structure, Saturn, returns to direct motion on November 4, which could portend to semi-new beginnings for some of us in the Piscean areas of our lives. Saturn’s ingress into Pisces back in March may have felt a little like a false start. No sooner had the planet seemed to enter the Jupiterian domicile than it crept backwards to zero degrees of the sign. This is a point charged with incipient energy. If you felt like you hadn’t sufficiently contemplated sobering structures or necessary boundaries, then this is the redux that you’ve been waiting for. For others, the blood, sweat and tears shed in the Piscean-ruled areas of your life could finally reap some demonstrable rewards.

Before that, however, the day-to-day planetary grind continues with a kind of dis-ease brought about by discrepancies between the registers of our desires. Though the soli-lunar opposition will dissipate by Monday, October 30, when the Moon enters Gemini, Luna’s…

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