Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 8–14, 2023* —Burning Ring of Fire!

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6 min readOct 7, 2023

This week’s annular solar eclipse in the sign of Libra (21 degrees, 7 minutes) is sure to be a stunner for all those safely watching the sky event. (Don’t forget you need ISO-compliant specs, not your average shades!) In North, Central and South America, the eclipse will begin on October 14 (around 12:13 PM EDT), and is predicted to surround the Moon in a stunning fiery glow.

Solar eclipses can impact our sense of purpose, self, vitality and focus. The house in which an eclipse takes place foregrounds those themes for better or for worse, consistent with the natal placements that it activates. For cardinal signs this upcoming eclipse will trigger your angles; the houses of travel, spirituality, communications and health could be spotlighted for fixed-sign ascendants; and for mutable signs, expect issues surrounding friends, children, money, and creative enterprises to be up for grabs. If you’re trying to analyze the potential activations in your own chart, just note that the catalytic aspects — the square and opposition — as well as the conjunction to natal planets will be the most significant.

As we slide into the week we need to be mindful that eclipses bring destabilizing energy. Though I don’t fully subscribe to the crawl-under-a-blanket-until-it-passes guidance, I do try to keep meaningful activities to a minimum, since these were never the auspicious and empowering celestial events that the more modern astrological worldview subscribes to. I avoid initiating anything new and I take care if I’m out and about. People and events can occasionally be triggered in heightened and unpredictable ways.

A circle in flames.

On Sunday, October 8, rise and shine to fireworks. Mars in Libra forms a kinetic square to Pluto in Capricorn, increasing the likelihood of a volcanic eruption.

The growing tension between action and desire, relationships and ambition, may have been percolating in the days prior. Bottled frustrations, heightened by herculean efforts to keep petulant Mars at bay, may finally find their release.

With Pluto on steroids, stationing to turn direct on October 10, proportional responses may be harder to gauge. Collateral relationship damage could also be mammoth, so fall back on any calming coping mechanisms that…



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