Weekly Astrology Forecast for September 10–16, 2023* — Back to Business!

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6 min readSep 9

The week of September 10 begins under a bevvy of active aspects. We may rise to the dissipating energies of a gentle and dreamy Moon-Neptune trine only to be jarred by a brief but challenging Moon-Pluto opposition. Be careful not to step on any landmines before brunch.

The sky is full of quincunxes — Vesta-Pluto, Sun-Chiron, and Mars-Saturn — potentially inviting misunderstandings. Although the ever-applying Venus-Juno conjunction in Leo may have us dazzle those around us, equal importance is allocated to key partnerships in our lives. This may be the aspect through which we find tensions mitigated with a greater focus on peace-making over self-promotion.

The Moon enters Leo at 12:36 PM EDT, offering a shift toward bold self-expression as we head into the work week. Monday, September 11 will see Luna’s application to Venus conjoin around 3:30 PM EDT. The Sun-retrograde Chiron quincunx will also ripen around the supper hour, amplifying long-standing emotional aches that have gone unacknowledged. A Moon-Jupiter square perfects at 7:54 PM EDT, heightening desires for emotional release. Try to keep things in perspective!

On Tuesday, September 12, the Moon’s application to a square to retrograde Uranus in Taurus may set the tone for the workday. Our dramatic push toward honest (though perhaps slightly self-aggrandizing) communication may bristle at the powder-keg unpredictability of the planet of chaos and inspiration. Although its apparent backward motion may make for a more interior-focused transit, we ought to prepare for late-morning unpredictability as the square perfects at around 11:05 AM EDT. Thankfully, Pallas Athena, still within orb of a trine to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, may offer strategic and positive solutions that have us stepping into our personal power.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Luna enters Virgo, where she joins retrograde Mercury, the Sun and Pallas Athena. The co-present energies could have us contemplating how best to approach a demanding day, where the little things simply aren’t our bag. Retrograde Mercury may still have us confronting occasional slip-ups. A brief Moon-Saturn opposition will dissipate as we head into the office, but may have us waking under energies of increased anxiety and

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