Weekly Astrology Forecast for September 3–9, 2023* — A Tale of Two Benefics

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6 min readSep 2

Hey, star-gazers! Has Mars in Libra wreaked havoc on anyone else since the moment of its Libran ingress? Within minutes of the God of War entering the sign of the scales, I got burned — literally. It was scalding hot soup that managed to blister the skin in a few places. The next day, I cut myself cooking. And the day after that — partly owing to my own negligence — I burned my fingertips so badly from cutting even a few hot peppers for canning that I soaked my digits in milk for hours in the hopes of a little reprieve. Suffice to say, I’m going to take extra care when driving, especially as Mars approaches the degree of my ascendant over these next few weeks.

Share your Mars-in-Libra war wounds in the comments below if you have them! Otherwise, let’s see what surprises the astrology of the week holds.

As we wake up on Sunday, September 3, the Moon’s fleeting square to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn colours its void of course movement until it enters Taurus around 11:00 AM EDT. The morning may carry a certain intensity, particularly around responsibilities, which could have us feeling stifled. Nothing will come of this, though, and as the Moon shifts into Taurus we’ll likely get some instant relief. The Moon’s sextile to weighty Saturn could help us to find a resolution to any early-morning angst through more sober emotional introspection.

Much of the day will likely have a Venusian tinge, especially as Aphrodite’s star continues its direct station. The potency of this celestial event could have us confronting retrograde themes around relationship re-dos head-on, particularly as the Alchemical Goddess is at her most powerful. Venus-ruled ascendants who may have been feeling battered this retrograde season should take a moment to celebrate.

The retrograde baton is passed to Jupiter in the early hours of Monday, September 4. Between now and December 30, the areas of your life that Jupiter-in-Taurus is transiting will be put under the microscope. Ditto Jupiter’s natal placement and the houses that it rules in your chart. Consider how the confluence of these varied themes could manifest for you over the next four months as retrograde Mercury trines its benefic buddy at around 8:00 AM EDT. This…

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